How To Get Void Shards In Raid Shadow Legends

If you are looking to add some more void champions to your Raid Shadow Legends arsenal you are going to need void shards.

In this post, we will be walking you through what voids shards are and the best ways to get them.

What Are Void Shards?

Voids Shards are a premium resource in Raid Shadow Legends that allow players to summon new and powerful champions with a void affinity to their roster. Voids Shards are the only way to obtain void champions outside of fusions and are very rare.

When summoning there is about a 1% chance to obtain a legendary void champion (some of the most powerful champions in the game are void). This leads voids shards to be one of the most valuable and sought after resources in the entire game, even more, valuable than ancient shards

How To Get Void Shards In Raid Shadow Legends

How To Get Void Shards In Raid Shadow Legends

The best ways to get void shards in Raid Shadow Legends are by logging in daily, doing daily quests, completing arbiter missions, competing in events and tournaments, fighting the clan boss, referring your friends, and completing the campaign.

Login Rewards: One of the easiest ways to earn void shards is by just logging in to the game every day and acquiring your daily login reward. Voids shards are given as login rewards on days 12, 29 ,42 ,54 ,72, and 81 just to name a few. So you can get 6 voids shards easily in your first 3 months of playing the game.

Daily Quests: Every month you can obtain 1 void shard and 1 sacred shard by completing your daily quests every day. You should be completing your daily and monthly quests anyway as they are a great way to progress through the game and get easy rewards.

Arbiter Mission & Challenges: This is another aspect of the game you should be constantly working on as it provides you with amazing rewards. Voids shards are just one of the benefits of completing arbiter missions and challenges. You can also obtain gems, books, and other summoning shards.

Events & Tournaments: Plarium is constantly running events and tournaments with various different rewards for participating. Voids shards are sometimes among those rewards. Make sure to save your energy for events like these so you can obtain an extra void shard or two.

Clan Boss: You can obtain voids shards as well as a host of other rewards in brutal clan boss chests. Clan boss is a great way to obtain consistent voids shards if you are able to fight the brutal version. If you are just starting out you should start to focus on your clan boss team as soon as you can if your goal is to obtain void shards. You don’t want to miss out on clan boss rewards.

Referral Program: Another easy way to obtain void shards is by inviting other people to play the game using your referral code. You can obtain 3 void shards when your friend reaches level 30 as long as they use your referral code when they make their account. While this isn’t a consistent way to earn void shards, it does provide a decent amount with little to no work.

Campaign: By completing the campaign on both normal and hard with 3 stars on every mission you can get 3 void shards. This can easily be done even as a beginner by taking advantage of your starter champion. Make sure you are getting 3 stars on every mission the first time you do them. That way you don’t have to spend extra energy later on trying to get the one or two stars you missed.

Obtaining Void Shards In The Mid To Late Game

Once you get to the mid to late game in Raid Shadow Legends you are given even more opportunities to obtain void shards. Hard content that you cant complete as an early game player such as clan vs clan and doom tower is now available to you. You will still be able to obtain voids shards with the methods discussed before as well.

Clan vs Clan: Voids shards can be obtained in Clan vs Clan via milestone rewards. You should be able to hit these milestones with an active clan. If you are struggling to hit these milestones it might be time to look for another clan.

Doom Tower: You can obtain void shards every single month from both the normal and hard versions of the Doom Tower. So make sure to participate in the Doom Tower every month. If you are not able to fight it on your own you can always group up with friends and other players to make it possible.

Tag-Team Arena: You can obtain void shards every month from Tag-Team Arena as long as you are at least silver 1 in 3v3 arena. These void shards can be obtained by spending 15,000 gold bars. This amount of gold bars is quite doable if you are playing arena daily.

Brutal/NM/UNM Clan Boss: You can obtain void shards consistently as well as other great rewards from brutal/NM/UNM clan bosses. These are difficult boss fights that require good teams to complete. Make sure you are fighting the clan boss every day and using all your keys so you can keep getting chests that could potentially contain void shards.

When To Pull Void Shards?

One of the most common questions regarding void shards is when to use or pull them.

The best time to pull void shards is during x2 events. These events are fairly common and will usually occur once or twice a month during the weekend. During these events, legendary and epic void champions have an increased drop rate.

However, if you are brand new to the game and just starting out you can use a couple of void shards just to get your hands on a couple of void champions. Having a few void champions may be useful as you progress through the beginning of the game.

If you are an end-game player you may even wait for the super rare x10 event where you can have an even higher chance of getting a legendary void champion, but for most players, you are just going to want to wait for the x2 to summon your void shards.


As you can see void shards are one of the most valuable resources in Raid Shadow Legends due to their limited availability and the quality of champions they provide.

If you are trying to be as efficient with your time and resources as possible you should obtain void shards using all the methods listed above and only pull them during special summoning events.

Hopefully, you now have a much better understanding of how to get void shards in Raid Shadow Legends.

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