Is Destiny 2 Pay To Win? What You Need To Know

Destiny 2 is a free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter that is fairly competitive. Like any competitive free-to-play game you might be wondering, is Destiny 2 pay to win?

It’s a terrible feeling to put a lot of time and effort into a game only to realize someone can get the same results or better just by paying money.

In this post, we will be answering that question as well as looking at some other similar questions about Destiny 2.

Is Destiny 2 Pay To Win?

Is Destiny 2 Pay To WIn

No, Destiny 2 is not pay to win. However, the free version of the game is more like a trial and you will need to buy the game to play all of the content. Once you buy the full game there is no way to buy an advantage over other players.

Destiny 2 is considered a pay to play game where the game is advertised as free to play, but there is very limited content in the free version and if you want to continue playing you will have to buy the full game and the DLC. There is still a decent amount of content in the free version though. You can get a good idea of whether or not you like the game and want to pay to continue playing

Unlike other free-to-play games where you can buy an advantage or pay for faster progression Destiny 2 has none of those things. If you are looking for a game that doesn’t allow players to buy a competitive advantage this is a good pick, but if you are looking for a completely free to play game you will have to look elsewhere

What Can You Pay For In Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 has a lot of purchasable content like cosmetic items and DLC. Here is a list of everything that you can pay for in Destiny 2:

  • Expanion Packs
  • Season Pass
  • Weekly Offers ( power-ups, vehicles, and cosmetic upgrades.

Destiny 2 is constantly releasing new content for the game in paid DLCS like Beyond Light, Shadowkeep, and Forsaken. These DLCs cost $39.99 when they are first released and come down to about $24.99 after a year or so. With new bundle offers and discounts you can usually get these for much cheaper though.

You can also buy the season pass in Destiny 2 which gives additional limited-time story, content, and gear. This pass can be purchased for 1000 silver or approximately $10. While this pass does provide some exclusive items they do not provide an unfair advantage over other players.

Does Destiny 2 Have A Subscription?

No, Destiny 2 does not have a subscription. Destiny 2 is monetized through expansion packs and DLC. You can play the game for free and if you want more content and things to do you can buy the DLC.

Destiny 2 is very similar to an MMORPG so you might be surprised that the game doesn’t have a monthly subscription like other games in this genre. Games like WoW require a monthly subscription to play and then have DLC on top of that. So Destiny 2 is a nice change of pace in that regard.

However, if you do plan on playing Destiny 2 for a long time expect to pay for DLC every couple of months. This game is far from entirely free to play.

Is Destiny 2 Free To Play Friendly?

No, Destiny 2 is not as free to play friendly as you might think. It’s not that you can’t compete with people that pay like other free-to-play games where you can buy advantages, but they’re just isn’t a lot to do if you don’t pay. Most of the game’s content is locked behind a paywall in the form of DLC.

It’s not like other true free-to-play friendly games like League of Legends, where you can play the entire game and all of its content without spending a single cent. The free version of Destiny 2 is a trial of the main game. Don’t expect to play the game for hours on end without spending money.

What you do get in the free version of the game though is a decent amount of content that is constantly being added to. As new expansions are released you get access to new missions, locations, PVP, campaigns, events, raids, strikes, and much more as a free player. While you won’t get as much content as people who pay, you still consistently get new things to do in the free version of Destiny 2


There you have it, that is everything you need to know about whether or not Destiny 2 is pay to win. Hopefully, you now have a better idea of how the game is monetized and if it’s a game you want to sink a lot of hours into. The game is worth playing and trying out even if you never end up buying the extra content.

Please let us know in the comments below if we missed something or if you have any questions.

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