Can You Play ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) Offline?

If you love other single-player player Elder Scrolls games you might be wondering, can you play ESO offline?

Until Elder Scrolls Online you could play the entire franchise offline in single-player mode. So, a lot of people are looking for a similar experience in ESO as well.

In this post, we will be answering that question as well as some related questions. Let’s get started.

Can You Play ESO Offline?

Can You Play ESO Offline

No, Elder Scrolls Online or ESO can not be played offline. ESO is an MMORPG that requires an internet connection to play. If you want to play solo or by yourself you can and there are tons of quests that don’t require you to play with other players.

Elder Scrolls Online just like other elder scrolls games has a great story and if you are interested in the quests and story of the game and not so much the PVP or cooperative parts of the game you can play the game that way.

However, the game was meant to be played online and with other people, so there are going to be parts of the game that require you to play with others online. The game is still worth playing if are an Elder Scrolls fan, even if you are not an MMORPG fan.

Does ESO Have A Singleplayer Mode?

No, ESO does not have a single-player mode. However, almost everything in the game can be played solo or as a single-player game. There are very few pieces of content in the game that require other people.

Here is a list of content that you can play solo or as if the game was singleplayer:

  • Solo Arenas
  • Questing & Story Content
  • Delves & Public Dungeons
  • Group Dugeons (only if your character is strong enough)

As you can see a majority of the game can be played solo, but you might wonder if the game is harder if played this way. The answer is no, the game has been designed to allow solo play as a viable option. Regardless of your build, you will be able to play the game this way.

The only content you will not be able to do solo is content at the very end of the game. Content like 12 player Trial Zones and Veteran level dungeons. These pieces of content are specifically designed for more than one player and if even your character and build are strong you will be unable to complete them solo.

Do You Need A Playstation Plus Membership To Play ESO?

Yes, you do need a PS Plus membership to play ESO. Elder Scrolls Online is a multiplayer game and like any other multiplayer game on the Playstation, you will need an internet connection and a PlayStation Plus subscription.

If you do not have either of those things you will not be able to play the game at all due to there being no single-player or offline mode. So, if you are interested in playing ESO make sure to keep that in mind.

Can You Play ESO Without Xbox Live?

No, you can play ESO without an Xbox Live Gold membership. The game only has a multiplayer mode and the only way to play multiplayer games on the Xbox is with an Xbox live subscription.

Thankfully the game is free to play, so you only need an Xbox Live subscription to play it every month. Unlike most MMORPGs, there is no monthly subscription and the game is free to download.


As you can see, Elder Scrolls Online is an exclusively online multiplayer game with no function for offline play. The game can be played almost entirely solo if you wish to play that way though. Even though the game is free to play with no monthly subscription you will need to have an Xbox live Or PS plus membership to play the game on console.

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