Raid Shadow Legends Script

“Today’s video is sponsored by RAID: Shadow Legends. Shadow Legends is a brand new immersive RPG title with everything players would expect. It’s got an amazing storyline, awesome 3D graphics, giant boss fights, PVP battles, and hundreds of champions you can collect and customize.”

Heard that before? Heard something similar? We bet you have. Raid: Shadow Legends is a mobile game that gets around. Plarium spends a huge amount of money on advertising, and they have probably worked with every major influence, YouTuber, and Twitch streamer. The company behind Raid keeps a tight grip on what is said in these advertisements too. Let’s introduce you to the Raid: Shadow Legends script.

What Is The Raid: Shadow Legends Script?

Now, there are a lot of Raid: Shadow Legends scripts out there. The company shakes them up a little bit, on occasion. However, they all follow pretty much the same basic format. The same spiel about what the game offers. Making the game seem like the most amazing thing since the invention of sliced bread. All of them talk about how it is the largest and best-performing mobile game.

The thing with Raid is that their scripts can get pretty lengthy, and they always require their advertisers to say the same thing. This means that when one new script is launched, pretty much every other person that advertises the game shortly after is going to say exactly the same thing with zero deviation.

Obviously, advertisers always need to have a bit of control over what people are saying. However, it seems as if no company goes to the same lengths that the team behind this game do.

You know, there are actually a ton of people that avoid playing Raid: Shadow Legends because of the script. While it is a great game to play, we do admit that hearing the same stuff from different YouTubers can get incredibly irritating fast. 

It is no wonder that the Raid: Shadow Legends script has meme potential. Actually, it doesn’t just have meme potential, it has become a whole meme in itself. Let’s explain how this has all worked out for the game, shall we?

The Raid: Shadow Legends Meme

To understand the meme, we have to take you back to the launch of the game in 2018. It is clear that Raid: Shadow Legends launched with a whopping budget behind it. It wasn’t long before it started to take YouTube by storm. YouTube star after YouTube star started to feature the game on their channel. It was always the same type of advertising. At the start, nobody noticed, but as the advertising became more ubiquitous, then it started to cause a bit of irritation.

Zip on forward to October 2019. The game had been out for a year by this point. Foekoe, a popular YouTuber, decided to parody The Raid: Shadow Legends script. His channel featured the very few variants that the script actually had. A meme was born.

While it took a while for Foekoe’s video to take off, when it did, the meme started to spread like wildfire across the internet. People were picking up the script for The Raid: Shadow Legends and spicing it up in their own unique way. Of course, it is a copypasta, so it always had the same overall feel to it.

Even today, if you head to sites like Reddit, you are going to see countless people referencing the meme. If you go to, then you are going to see a wealth of people requesting the meme, and coming up with their own unique style.

We suppose that the memetastic potential of the script for Shadow Legends actually ended up benefitting the team behind The Raid: Shadow Legends. It seems as if more people have heard of the game through the meme than in any other way, which is absolutely insane to us. We bet that the meme brought in a good chunk of additional players.

The Future Of The Raid: Shadow Legends Script

Raid Shadow Legends Script

As you can probably imagine, the team behind the Shadow Legends script is not spicing things up too much. Actually, not at all. Since the script became something of a legend, the number of variations to the script has become minimal, and they are getting longer and longer. People are still memeing it, so we can’t imagine that it is irritating too many people at once.

Next time you load up your favorite Twitch star, YouTuber, or other influencers, and see that they are advertising Raid: Shadow Legends, then you can have a good silent chuckle to yourself knowing that there are countless other people online who are saying exactly the same thing at that exact same moment. 

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