Is Clash Of Clans Pay To Win? [Solved]

If you are interested in playing Clash Of Clans or are already playing the game you might be wondering is Clash Of Clans pay to win?

You don’t want to spend a lot of time playing a game only to find out that the player with the bigger wallet will always have the upper hand on you. Ideally, a free to play game like Clash of Clans would only have cosmetic items available for purchase and not any real competitive advantage.

In this post, we will be answering that question as well as looking at if Clash Of Clans is free to play friendly.

Is Clash Of Clans Pay To Win?

Is Clash Of Clans Pay To Win

Yes, Clash Of Clans is a pay to win game. Players can buy a gold pass as well as special packs and gems that will allow the player to progress significantly faster than a free to play player. While it may not be as bad as some other mobile games it still deserves the title of pay to win.

A game is pay to win when a player can pay for an advantage over other players in a game. While you can certainly pay to get a lot of different things in Clash of Clans and progress faster than someone who doesn’t pay at all, it doesn’t mean you will actually have an advantage over a more experienced player. You still have to know how to use different troops and heroes correctly.

However, being able to progress faster is an advantage in a game like Clash Of Clans where so much of the game takes time to progress. A new free to play player will be at a disadvantage vs someone who paid for the gold pass or for special packs. In theory, if the f2p player kept playing they would eventually unlock all the things as the paid player it would just take a lot longer.

What Can You Pay For In Clash Of Clans?

In Clash Of Clans you can pay for the Gold Pass which is essentially a battle pass that gives rewards like a 10% builder increase or a bigger season bank by playing the game and completing challenges. Instead of completing challenges, you can use 100 gems, the paid currency of the game, to progress the Gold Pass to the next tier. You can also use gems to buy special offers and packs in the store.

These are the main things you can pay for in Clash Of Clans and they certainly give the player an advantage. All the things you can buy in this game help you progress faster in the game. However, there is nothing in the game you can buy with gems or in the Gold Pass that gives you a statistical advantage over a free-to-play player. There’s no special troop that can only be bought with money or anything like that.

A free to play player can unlock all the things a paid player does given enough playing time. Which isn’t the case for every mobile game out there. So even though you can pay for an advantage in this game, progressing faster, it’s not like a f2p player can’t compete. The better player with more experience and skill will win out most of the time even over someone who paid to progress a little faster.

Is Clash Of Clans Free To Play Friendly?

Yes, Clash Of Clans, despite being pay to win game, is a fairly free to play friendly game at the moment. They offer a free version of the Gold Pass that gives you a lot of rewards for completing challenges and everything in the game can be unlocked as free to play player with enough time.

One of the biggest components that makes Clash Of Clans friendly for free to play players is the skill needed to play offense. If you gave a brand new player a maxed out account in this game they wouldn’t know how to take advantage of it. As a f2p player you can learn how the game works and gain an advantage over their opponent.

A big concern of players in Clash Of Clans is that the game becomes even more pay to win. The developers have already shown they will give advantages to players who have money so what’s stopping them from adding more egregious pay to win elements. It’s a pretty big concern for free to play players of the game and a lot of people feel it’s already trending in that direction.


As you can see Clash Of Clans is a pay to win game, but it’s not nearly as bad as some other mobile games out there. Most people who play the game consider it to be a pay to progress game. Free to players can still beat players who have paid for the game if they put the time in and have more experience.

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