How Much Does Raid Shadow Legends Pay Sponsors?

One of the most common questions among fans of Raid is how much does Raid Shadow Legends pay sponsors? The answer to this question isn’t an easy one.

However, we will be exploring this idea through several different perspectives below so that you have all of the information you need to decide whether or not this network would be right for you. We’ll be reviewing the earnings potential, bonuses, and other aspects of working with this network below to help you learn more about this opportunity and decide if it’s right for you.

How Much Does Raid Shadow Legends Pay Sponsors

How Much Does Raid Shadow Legends Pay? 

In-game sponsorship and advertisement are very common features of smartphone games. Since you see ads in your game, it stands to reason that some companies will be paying to put them there. So what does that mean for you? How much money can streamers make from sponsored ads in their game streams? The short answer: quite a bit of money.

– Streamers

When publishers pay top streamers to stream a newly released game, they might earn between $25,000 and $50,000 per hour.

– Youtubers

This depends on the specific YouTuber. Sponsored videos are paid for in a single upfront agreement between the advertiser and the YouTuber. This company, on average, pays an influencer $4.19k for an ad, with prices varying by market.

 For instance, this can lead to an influencer earning $11.8k for a sponsored video with an average of 261.9k views in the US, while Russian artists can only expect to receive $2.4k with 221.3k views. Depending on the number of subscribers or followers, some YouTubers can earn up to $10,000.

Raid Shadow Legends Sponsorship Requirements

There are three partnership levels in the Program. A streamer is expected to have the following;

For level one,

  • Weekly minimum number of Raid videos or streaming: 1
  • Minimum amount of views per week: 3,000
  • The required number of channel subscribers: is 1,000.

For level two; 

  • Weekly minimum number of Raid videos or streaming: 2 
  • Minimum amount of views per week: 7,000, 
  • The required number of channel subscribers is 2,000;  

For level three;

  • Weekly minimum number of Raid videos or streaming: 3 
  • Minimum amount of views per week: 15,000, 
  • The required number of channel subscribers: 8,000

Keep these crucial tips in mind before you begin seeking sponsorship:

1. Research potential sponsors: Consider your current supporters. Examine each one to determine whether their goals and interests fit with yours and your target audience—or if they may assist you in finding other new sponsors.

2. Provide incentives to sponsors: Explain how they will benefit from the partnership and improve their visibility (e.g., customized videos, social media content, event swag). Include examples of their work with similar organizations in the past.

3. Contact well-known businesses: Collaborate with well-established companies with a good reputation, have earned trust, and help your organization’s profile.

4. Use data to back up your pitch: Everything revolves around data. Don’t forget to incorporate vital insights from your audience into your pitch.

5. Locate the appropriate contact: Double-check that you have the correct contact information, such as the number of the marketing department.

Why Does Everyone Get Sponsored By Raid Shadow Legends?

Shadow Legends provides sponsorship because it’s a good marketing strategy. The more people they reach out to sponsor, the more traction the game will get, and the more new players will sign up.

Raid Shadow Legends is notorious for sponsoring anything that walks. One can only imagine how much they’ve paid for these sponsorship deals, gaining sponsorships with huge personalities like MrBeast, Logan Paul, and Ninja – the latter of whom they even included in the game. 

Along with sponsorships, Raid: Shadow Legends advertisements are everywhere, and I mean everywhere. They’re also catchy, and their reach is exponential due to their vast distribution. This encourages consumers to download the game even if they do not intend to make any purchases. 

People unwittingly promote the game through spreading word of mouth or watching a video with a Raid Shadow Legends advertisement while out in public. While not all new players will stick around and make purchases, the more traction the game obtains, the higher it rises in the download rankings and for someone who hasn’t seen the advertisements.

With the help of their sponsorships and promotional activities, Raid: Shadow Legends is staying current and even beating top competitors.

Who Has Been Sponsored By Raid Shadow Legends?

  Despite harsh criticism of popular YouTubers for advertising Raid, its sponsor commercials still often appear on the platform. Only a few people are still playing and hoping to win 50,000 silver, and a free ‘Epic Champion’ play a role.

Below is a list of Big YouTubers that raid shadow legends have sponsored;

1. Mr. Beast: MrBeast has 45 million subscribers, making him the most popular YouTuber. MrBeast is the most popular YouTuber who has endorsed Raid Shadow Legends, with 45 million subscribers. He’s perhaps best known for his giveaway videos and extravagant spending. 

The channel has received 7.5 billion views in its lifetime, equating to little under a billion views per year. With figures like this, it’s simple to see why companies might want him to advertise their products in his videos. Indeed, his first Raid sponsored spot has been viewed over 27 million times. 

It makes one tremble to consider how much Plarium paid to get this sponsorship.

2. TheJWittz: TheJWittz began as a channel dedicated to rare Pokémon cards but has since expanded to include all things Nintendo. It was founded in 2009 by Joshua Wittenkeller and has since grown to approximately 1.6 million subscribers. The channel has over 350 million video views, with roughly 20 million coming from a video regarding banned Pokémon episodes.

 Joshua has been advertising Raid for quite some time, with sponsored advertisements appearing in a number of his videos. Unlike some other YouTubers sponsored by Raid, Joshua appears to play the game himself. While this makes his commercials appear less forced, they often cover the same ground.

3. Alec Steele: Alec Steele is a British YouTuber who recently relocated to Montana. He’s a blacksmith by trade, and in his films, he forges a variety of things and weapons. His channel has over 2 million followers and over 350 million views as of this writing.

Although forging videos may not appear to be the best fit for a mobile game, Steele recently made a massive two-handed sword that was eerily identical to one of the many weapons featured in Raid. He usually goes to great lengths to weave his sponsor ads into his films to make them feel less intrusive, and it usually works fairly well.

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