Raid Shadow Legends: Uncommon Champions Worth Keeping

If you’re just starting to play Raid: Shadow Legends, you might be wondering about uncommon champions in the game worth keeping around.

While Uncommon Champions can serve a purpose as food for rarer team members, a few also have useful skills and can carry you to mid-game.

I’ll discuss a few of these worthwhile champions in my article.

Uncommon Champions Worth Keeping In Raid Shadow Legends

Raid Shadow Legends Uncommon Champions Worth Keeping

You might have seen other players on forums or Reddit claim Uncommon Champions are just worth it as food for higher-tier level champions in the game. However, depending on gaps in your team members, Uncommon Champions might make great early to mid-game players.

For much of the game, one of your goals will involve building your team and filling different necessary roles. Uncommon or Common Champions are useful in fulfilling these roles, and they’re easier to upgrade than rarer or higher-tier champions.

It’s unlikely an Uncommon Champion will last you the entire game. They can still do a great job of getting you there. Before ditching an Uncommon Champion, ask yourself: how can this champion work with my team?


The main benefit of the Sniper is her ability to attack all enemies twice. While she’s a bit repetitive next to similar starting champions, players generally give her high ratings. She’s a good option if you need a nuker.


Fireblade is a great option for an early-game clan boss. If you’re lacking a poisoner, she’s also a great option for that. On critical hits, Fireblade debuffs the enemy for two turns.

Outlaw Monk

Outlaw Monk makes a great starting clan boss in early stages of the game. He provides a 10% chance of granting an extra turn. On critical hits, he puts two 5% poison debuffs on the target for two turns.

Zephyr Sniper

This Uncommon Champion is a great AOE fighter. She also boosts your team with a 15% chance of increasing cooldown of a random skill on each target by one turn. If you need a healer, she’s your best bet. She provides continuous heal on all allies for two turns.


An undead horde champion, the Dhampir makes a decent spider option. She grants an extra turn if her target is healed, and can heal herself by 20% of the inflicted damage.


If you can farm early-game stun gear, the Warchanter makes a great Uncommon Champion team member. His main job is crowd control. He deals damage based on his hit points, which have a very high maximum. He also has great chances at placing debuffs for one turn each.


While most Uncommon Champions can last you early to mid-game, Armiger is one that serves you well mid to late game. He might even be end-game viable. He deals damage based on the enemy’s maximum HP. Enemies he kills with his “lay to rest” skill cannot be revived. He also only has a two-turn cooldown.


These options for Uncommon Champions might be a real boon to your team in Raid: Shadow Legends. Don’t discount them just because they’re lower-tier.

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