Best Healers In Raid Shadow Legends (Legendary/Epic/Rare Champions)

Are you looking for the best healers in Raid Shadow Legends? Look no further; in this post, we will be going over the top healers in the game and discussing some of the core mechanics of healers.

What Is A Healer In Raid Shadow Legends?

A healer in Raid Shadow Legends is a champion that increases the life points of other champions as well as themselves through single target, AOE, or hot (healing over time) abilities.

Healers are great additions to any team and help your team members stay alive in long fights.

What Is An AOE Heal In Raid Shadow Legends?

An AOE heal in Raid Shadow Legends is a healing ability that affects the entire team. AOE stands for area of effect.

AOE healing abilities are extraordinary vs. enemies that attack your whole team. So you will often bring an AOE healer when there is an AOE damage dealer on the opposing team, whether that’s a boss in a dungeon or a champion in arena mode.

A great example of an AOE heal is the rare champions, Pain Keeper’s spectacular sweep ability. After attacking all enemies, this ability heals all allies by 15% of the champion’s max HP. This ability is an excellent AOE heal and on a rare champ nonetheless.

Best Healers In Raid Shadow Legends

What Is A Single Target Heal In Raid Shadow Legends?

A single target heal in Raid Shadow Legends is a healing ability that targets just one champion on your team. Single target healing abilities are great for bringing one champion back to full hp or keeping a frontline tank alive.

When playing on manual, this will be the target you choose, but it will depend on certain conditions when playing on auto. Usually, this will be the champion on your team with the lowest health.

An example of a great single target heal is the champion, Apothecary’s ability called Soothing Chant. This ability heals a target ally for 35% HP, which can be crit. So it is a great heal to bring into any fight.

What Is HoT In Raid Shadow Legends?

HoT stands for heal over time, and In Raid Shadow Legends, that means an ability that heals a champion over multiple turns via a buff. This buff is called continuous heal and heals based on the champions max HP.

The continuous heal buff comes in two forms, the strong version of the buff 15% and the weak version 7.5%. The only downside of healing through buffs is the buffs can be removed or stolen. So it’s essential to analyze your opponent’s abilities in both arena and dungeon content and make sure they don’t have any counters to buffs.

This type of heal is often underrated but can be very powerful if used correctly. HoT abilities are typically utilized on tanky champions who will soak up the damage and then heal over time. This buff will keep them alive and allow them to continue taking damage for the team.

Here are some champions with an AOE continuous heal 15%:

  • Bad-El-Kazar (Legendary)
  • Black Knight (Legendary)
  • Sir Nicholas (Legendary)
  • Romero (Epic)
  • Zelotah (Epic)
  • Arcanist (Rare)
  • Reliquary Tender (Rare)

Here are some champions with an AOE continuous heal 7.5%:

  • Ghrush The Mangler (Epic)
  • Chevalier (Rare)
  • Fellhound (Rare)
  • Mother Superior (Rare)
  • Runic Warder (Rare)
  • Zephyr Sniper (Rare)

Best Healers In Raid Shadow Legends

Here are the best healers categorized by their rarity. The order they are in does not matter.


  • Riho Bonespear
  • Shirimani
  • Mother Cybele
  • Minaya
  • Sethallia
  • Skartorsis
  • Black Knight
  • Bad-El-Kazar
  • Raglin
  • Scyl Of The Drakes
  • Lugan The Steadfast


  • Sinesha
  • Mausoleum Mage
  • Demytha
  • Vogoth
  • Adriel
  • Rector Drath
  • Thenasil
  • Vrask
  • Steelskull
  • Mistress Of Hymns
  • Godseeker Aniri
  • Cardinal
  • Doompriest
  • Skytouched Shaman


  • Heiress
  • Apothecary
  • Reliquary Tender
  • Pain Keeper
  • Mother Superior

Those are our top picks for healers in Raid Shadow Legends. This list is by no means every good healer in the game, but just the absolute top tier in each rarity. There are a lot of great healers not on this list that are perfectly viable to use. This list is for anyone who wants to min-max their roster or just wants to see if they have any top-tier champions.

Whether or not a champion on this list will be good for you will depend on the roster of champions you currently have and what content you are trying to clear in the game. For example, if you are trying to clear clan boss, you are going to want a healer that excels in that part of the game even if they might be subpar elsewhere.


Raid Shadow Legends has a variety of healers to choose from, each with their own unique strengths and abilities. While this list is not exhaustive, it provides an overview of some of the best healers in the game. Whether you are looking for a healer to take into battle arena or dungeon content, these champions will help your team survive and come out victorious.

Let us know your favorite healing champ in the comments below.

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