How To Show FPS In Subnautica

With its vast open world, Subnautica has become a popular game due to its stunning visuals and large vistas. However, with such a visually dependent game, FPS is important to make sure its appearance is smooth and your movements are not choppy. Fortunately, there are many ways to see FPS information while playing Subnautica.

If you are running the game in Steam, you can choose to have a FPS counter on display while playing a game in the settings. You can also use console commands or built-in FPS counters that come with Windows or your graphics card. Otherwise, you can use third party software to show you the FPS.

Regardless of your preferred method of gaming, there is a way to display an FPS counter. Read on to learn the many ways to display FPS information on PC, on consoles, and what kind of third party options are available.

How To Show FPS In Subnautica


In the upper lefthand corner of the Steam application on desktop, there is a button simply labeled “Steam”. When you click on it, a drop down menu will appear and one of the buttons is labeled “Settings”. Click that to open your Steam settings.

Once you are in the Steam settings, you will see a menu on the left side of the window. Select the option that says “In-Game”. You should see a page with a variety of options, including a section labeled “In-game FPS counter”. This is the area you want to focus on.

Under the section label, there is a drop down menu. The default settings will have it set to “Off”, but if you open the menu, you will see four options for placement of an FPS counter:

  • Top-left
  • Top-right
  • Bottom-left
  • Bottom-right

Pick whichever placement suits you. Underneath the drop down menu is a checkbox labeled “High contrast color”, which will display the FPS counter in a higher contrast while you are in-game.

Console Commands

Subnautica has a console command that can enable or disable showing FPS information regardless of if you are using Steam or not. If setting up the FPS counter in the Steam settings is too complicated, you can use a console command to achieve the same effect in one simple step. All you need to do is open the console command bar and type in “fps”.

Windows PC Built-In FPS Counter

If you are on a Windows PC, then you already have an FPS counter built in as part of the Windows Game Bar overlay. All you need to do is launch it using the Windows Key + G shortcut and look under Performance Data in the lower-left widget. Click the Pin icon to keep the widget visible on screen even when the Game Bar is not showing.

You can customize the widget’s position, transparency, and color as well. Additionally, you can remove any metric you do not want to see in the widget.

Displaying FPS With Third-Party Software

If you are not playing Subnautica on Steam, you will have to download and install a third party software that shows FPS. Run the third-party software before launching the game. Your FPS will now be visible on screen, although the exact location of the FPS counter may vary depending on what third-party software you choose.

Third-Party Software Options

The most popular third-party software for displaying FPS is known as Fraps. Fraps is a Windows application that will display how many FPS you are getting on screen, along with screen and video capture software. The free version of Fraps will allow you to display FPS, so you do not have to purchase the full version of Fraps unless you want more content from the software.

If you have an Nvidia graphics card, you can use GeForce Experience to display an FPS tracker over your game. Open GeForce Experience and select Settings, then enable the In-Game Overlay option. After that, click Settings, go to HUD Layout, select FPS Counter, and select a location to display it.

If you have a Radeon graphics card, you can go under the Performance tab, make the Tracking tab visible, and enable the option for FPS. Now your FPS information will be displayed in the Metrics window.

Here is a brief list of other third-party software for displaying FPS information:

  • FPS Monitor
  • MSI Afterburner
  • DXtory

How To Display FPS On Consoles

If you are playing Subnautica on a PS4 or PS5, you can still display FPS information but only if you plug in a keyboard first. Once you have plugged in a keyboard, push the F3 button to display FPS information.

For the Nintendo Switch, you will need the Tesla Overlay, which has a menu of utility options. The Status Monitor Overlay option will display system and hardware information, including FPS. You can also use the NX-FPS plugin to display FPS information.

For the Xbox, you will need to open the Game Bar, select the Overlay menu, and look under the Performance section. Choose the FPS tab and press request access. However, with the Xbox series X, you will need to check under “Manage game and add-ons” and toggle FPS Boost or Auto HDR, then restart the game.


Whether you are on a PC or console, there are multiple ways to display FPS information while playing Subnautica. Even if you are on PC and do not have access to Steam, you can always use third party software to achieve the same effect. Regardless of your gaming setup, there is a way to show FPS.

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