Raid Shadow Legends Accuracy Guide

Accuracy in Raid Shadow legends allows you to direct your attacks toward your opponents for a higher chance of causing maximum debuff.  When you use accuracy in a battle, your chances of succeeding increase by at least 25% to 50%.

In this game, you have to pass levels by showcasing your prowess as a warrior of the Telerian clan. Like any other role-playing game, you have a set of abilities like defense, resistance, and accuracy which help you pass through each level of the game.

Raid Shadow Legends Accuracy

What Is Accuracy In Raid Shadow Legends?

Accuracy is a game stat in Raid Shadow legends and is very useful when facing opponents with complex powers. This feature allows the player to fight with the most accuracy by ensuring that each move, control, and attack lands right where it should on the opponent. Because of this, the impact is even more pronounced, and the gameplay becomes easier for the player.

What Does Accuracy Do In Raid Shadow Legends?

Using the proper accuracy level in the game against an opponent will have a much higher chance of winning the game. This is because this aura makes it easier for your blows and attacks to land on the opponent where it matters most.

Inflicting debuffs on the opponent is the whole aim of the game because it is the only way you can defeat the enemy and progress in the game. Some clan bosses might be built with a high level of resistance, in which case, using accurate stats will make it easier to cause damage to them.

The characters in the game, also known as Champions, range from rare to legendary, according to which their accuracy aura also differs. In some cases, some champions can pass their aura to another player (ally) while in-game. This move is possible for specialized champions; some are made for dungeon fights while others are for arenas, so depending on which type of champion you are using in which area, you can provide your accuracy aura to another ally.

However, the only champion who can send their accuracy aura to another ally is the head of the clan. It should also be noted that the ability aura is limited and hence will eventually run out if you overuse it.

What Is A Good Accuracy In Raid Shadow Legends?

Using the increase accuracy feature in-game makes it easier by at least 25 to 50 percent for your team to win the match. When this transference is successful, your team can easily land all the blows on the enemies, causing debuffs even on those who show a high level of resistance.

A 2 piece accuracy set is good enough to defeat your opponents if you don’t need to utilize maximum accuracy to defeat the enemy.

How Much Accuracy Do You Need For Clan Boss?

The difficulty level of the clan boss also progresses along with your champion’s or clan’s progress in the game. It starts as easy and can range up to Ultra Nightmare, the most challenging level. The higher the level, the more difficult it is to defect the clan boss, but you also receive as much reward for defeating the boss.

One sure way to defeat the boss is by using the accuracy aura to ensure that each attack from your teammates is directly on point and in the critical areas where the boss will experience debuff even if the resistance is high. This table shows the recommended accuracy levels for each Clan Boss level.

Easy 40
Normal 80 
Hard 124
Brutal 175
Nightmare 215
Ultra Nightmare 255

How Much Accuracy Do You Need For Dungeons?

It depends on the level you are playing at. For example, the accuracy range for dungeons can go up to 300+, but that’s for levels 21 and above. However, even if you have 15%, you can win a level 1 dungeon or faction war. Please note that it is not to say that these numbers are 100% foolproof to win a match, and they are simply recommendations that seem to have worked for us.


Raid Shadow Legends Accuracy Cap

For each arena, a specific type of champion is best suited because their stats are such that it can resist a lot of debuff from the enemy and have a lot more advantage at defeating the opponent. When you play for bronze arenas, an accuracy percentage ranging from 40-80 percent is ideal, while for gold to platinum, the estimated accuracy level needed is 200 percent to 650+.

Again, the accuracy level needed depends on what game content you’re playing. If you’re in the dungeon or the doom towers, the accuracy level will vary drastically. While standard plays need anywhere from 80-200 percent, the challenging level of accuracy needs starts from 240 to 375 percent.

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