Raid Shadow Legends Ascension Guide

You have come to the right place if you are trying to learn about Ascending champions in Raid Shadow Legends. In this guide, we will be walking you through what ascension is, how to ascend, and much more. Let’s get started.

What Is Ascension In Raid Shadow Legends?

Raid Shadow Legends Ascension

Ascension in Raid Shadow Legends is a way to upgrade your champion further. Ascending champions increases their base stats as well as upgrades specific skills. A champion can be ascended a total of 6 times, and you can tell a champion’s current ascension level by the number of purple stars next to their name.

Ascending champions also unlocks accessory slots at the following levels:

Ascension Level 5: Amulet

Ascension Level 6: Banner

Ascending champions is just another way to increase your champion’s power level. If you are trying to maximize the full potential of your champion, it is essential to ascend them. The increase in base stats and the amount of extra stats you get with the amulet and banner would be worth it alone. But you also get an upgraded skill on most champions, and this upgraded skill can be a game-changer depending on the champion.

Ascension Potion Requirements Table

To ascend a champion, you need potions that match the champion’s affinity and arcane potions, which are neutral affinity. You can get potions in the following ways:

  • Potion Dungeons
  • Potion Mixer
  • Shop

Potion dungeons are the best way to obtain potions. Potion dungeon drop rates are dependent on the level you are attempting.

Here is a table breaking down how many potions it takes to ascend champions based on their rarity:


  • L = Lesser Potion
  • G = Greater Potion
  • S = Superior Potion

Star LevelAffinity Potions For UncommonArcane Potions For UncommonAffinity Potions For Rare Arcane Potions For Rare Affinity Potions For Epic Arcane Potions For Epic Affinity Potions For Legendary Arcane Potions For Legendary

How To Ascend Champions In Raid Shadow Legends

To ascend champions in Raid Shadow Legends, follow these steps:

  1. Head to the tavern and select your desired champion
  2. With the champion selected click the ascend tab on the right-hand side of the screen
  3. Once there you will be given the option to ascend your champion.
  4. If you have the required potions you can then click ascend in the bottom right to ascend your champion one rank.

If you don’t have the required potions, check the potion mixer located just under the ascend tab to see if you can convert some of your potions to the ones you need. This tab allows you to turn lesser potions into greater potions and greater potions into superior potions for the cost of silver. Unfortunately, you cannot turn superior potions into greater potions or greater potions into lesser potions.

If you want to ascend your champion fully, you will have to do this six times.

When To Ascend Your Champions In Raid Shadow Legends

You should ascend your champions to at least rank three as soon as possible. At ascension rank 3, you unlock the upgraded skill for your champion, and you don’t want to go too long without having that. In the end, it doesn’t matter too much when you do this.

Other than getting the upgraded skill, there is not a lot of benefit in getting ascension early. It’s much more important to focus on getting your champion to level 60. Also, it costs quite a lot of energy to farm potion dungeons, and early on, you should have different energy spending priorities.

It’s also important to note that you probably won’t be able to take advantage of the amulet and banner slots you get from later ascension ranks due to being unable to farm them efficiently.

Ascending your champions is a way to min-max, and you shouldn’t focus on it too much in the early game.


There you have it. That is everything you need to know about Raid Shadow Legends ascension. As you can see, ascending your champions is an essential part of the game and allows you to take your champions to their full potential.

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