Raid Shadow Legends Energy: How To Get It, What the Cap Is And More

Energy in Raid Shadow Legends is an important resource for players who want to continue playing the game.

This article will cover everything you need to know about Raid Shadow Legends energy, including how it works, what the cap is and more. If you are new to Raid Shadow Legends or just looking for tips on how to spend your energy wisely, this article is perfect for you!

What Is Energy In Raid Shadow Legends?

Energy is one of the most important resources in Raid Shadow Legends. Using energy is the main way to progress your account. Energy is used for campaign stages, dungeons, and much more.

What Is The Energy Refill Rate?

The energy refill rate in Raid Shadow Legends is 1 energy every 3 minutes while you are under the energy cap.

In order to be as efficient with your energy as possible, you should always have your energy under the cap. If you are using energy efficiently and are always under the cap you can get up to 480 energy per day just through passive energy refill.

What Is The Energy Cap?

The energy cap in raid shadow legends is currently 130 and can be obtained by reaching an account level of 60.

You can check your current energy cap by looking in the top left of your screen for a thunderbolt icon. There will be two numbers. The first number is the amount of energy you currently have and the second number is your energy cap.

Raid Shadow Legends Energy

When you first start playing the game you will have an energy cap under 50, but as you level your account your energy cap will slowly increase.

Can You Go Above The Energy Cap?

Yes, you can go above the energy cap in Raid Shadow Legends. However, you should try to stay under your energy cap as best you can to avoid losing the passive energy refill.

If you are just starting the game you will find it very hard to not go over the energy cap as you are given an abundance of energy at the beginning of the game. It’s not the end of the world to go above the energy cap or even stay above the energy cap for an extended period of time. But you will be losing out on a lot of potential energy.

What Is An Energy Refill?

An energy refill is a consumable resource that gives you your energy cap worth in energy. If your account is at the maximum level (60) this is 130 energy. The amount of energy you get from a refill is not affected by your current energy and you can go above your current cap.

So for example, if you had 120 energy currently and your cap is 130 you would get 130 energy and your current energy would then be 250.

How To Get Energy In Raid Shadow Legends

There are many ways to get energy in Raid Shadow Legends. Here is a list of every way you can get energy in the game.

Daily Quests: Every day you can get 1 energy refill by completing your daily quests.

Weekly Quests: Every week you can get two energy refills by completing your weekly quests.

Monthly Quests: Every month you can get 400 energy by completing your monthly quest as well as some gems that you can use for energy if you want to.

Playtime Rewards: Every day you can get 1 energy refill by playing for 60 mins. You don’t have to actively play the game for that long, all you need to do is be logged in for that time.

Daily Login Rewards: This mostly applies to new players as daily login rewards are not infinite, but you can get up to 500 energy just by logging in for the first couple of months.

Events and Tournaments: Energy is a common reward for participating in events and tournaments. The amount of energy you can get varies greatly from event to event and tournament to tournament and sometimes energy is not a reward at all.

Clan Activity Chest: By being an active member of your clan you are given a chest that can contain up to 150 energy. This chest can be claimed every day.

Compensation And Downtime Rewards: These are rewards that are given out when there is unexpected maintenance or downtime for the game. These rewards appear in your mailbox and are oftentimes energy.

Leveling Up: Every time you level up your account you will be given 1 energy refill.

Missions And Challenges: You can get up to 250 energy by completing certain missions and challenges. The amount of energy you get varies and not every mission or challenge gives energy.

Campaign And Faction Wars Progress Rewards: When you complete stages in campaign and faction wars you are given stars for that stage. When you hit certain star milestones you are given various different rewards including energy.

Referral Program: You can get 200 energy every time one of your referred friends reaches account level 10 in Raid Shadow Legends. You can only refer a maximum of 3 friends so the total amount of energy you can get from this method is capped at 600.

Shop: You can get energy refills for 40 gems in the gem shop tab of the shop. There is no cap on how many times you can purchase this item from the shop. As long as you have enough gems you can keep buying energy refills. Special offers featured in the shop can also contain energy, but these can only be purchased with real money.

Best Ways To Spend Energy

If you are trying to spend your energy in the best way possible you need to have an energy priority list and you need to focus on time-sensitive content. The priority list should look something like this:

  1. Daily Quests
  2. Events & Tournaments
  3. Campaign Farming (When You Have XP or Silver Boosts)
  4. Doom Tower
  5. Time Sensitive Mission And Challenges
  6. Minotaurs Labyrinth (Mastery Farming)
  7. Spiders Den
  8. Dragons Lair, Ice Golem’s Peak, Fire Knight’s Castle

This should give you a general idea of what to prioritize when you are looking to spend your energy for the day.

Obviously, this list is not going to be perfect for everyone and you might have different priorities depending on where your account is at.

Energy Saving Tips & Tricks

Energy is a limited resource so if you are trying to make the most out of your energy you need to use it efficiently.

One of the most important tips is to always keep your energy under the cap. Every time you are above the cap you are losing energy. It’s a common mistake for new players to be above the energy cap.

This leads us to the next tip which is to wait to use your energy rewards till you actually plan on spending the energy. If you use or consume all of your energy rewards as soon as you get them you might find yourself above the energy cap with not enough time to use it. You obviously don’t want to let any energy rewards expire, but you should try and wait till you actually need it.

Another helpful tip is to save your energy rewards for content with a time limit. Save your energy for important events and tournaments as well as XP boosts. If you have an XP boost running you want to be farming campaign stages and you don’t want to run out of energy during your boost.


You should now have a much better understanding of how energy in Raid Shadow Legends works and the best ways to use it. Energy is a very important resource in the game and should be used efficiently when possible.

If you have any questions let us know in the comments below.

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