Raid Shadow Legends Immortal Set: What It Is, How To Get It, And More

Interested in the Raid Shadow Legends immortal set, but not sure what it is exactly or if it’s any good?

In this post, we’ll talk about how to get the immortal set, whether or not the immortal set stacks, what champions are best for this set, and more!

What Is The Immortal Set In Raid Shadow Legends?

The immortal artifact set is a two-piece artifact set that gives +15% HP and a 3% heal every turn to your champion. This set is a combination of two other sets in the game life (2) and regeneration (4).

The +15% hp scales off your base HP so the white number when you are looking at your champions total stats. The 3% heal that you get every turn scales off the total number. This includes bonus health from all of your artifacts, the great hall, classic arena, and masteries.

Raid Shadow Legends Immortal Set

Does The Immortal Set Stack?

Yes, the immortal set does stack in Raid Shadow Legends. If you wear 4 pieces you will get +30% Hp and a 6% heal every turn and if you wear 6 pieces you will get +45% HP and a 9% heal every turn.

Whether or not you want to stack this set will depend on the champion. Some champions will need a different 4 piece set like immunity or stun to take advantage of their kit.

How Do You Get The Immortal Set?

The only way to acquire the immortal artifact set in Raid Shadow Legends is through clan boss chests. Clan boss chests can be obtained by fighting the clan boss (demon lord) every day.

This is just another reason to make sure you are using your clan boss keys every day. Even if you are not in need of some immortal artifact pieces right now, you should be trying to get some for when you do need them.

Is The Immortal Set Good?

Yes, the immortal set in Raid Shadow Legends is good. It’s considered one of the most useful sets in the game and there are a lot of situations where this set will get value. There are a lot of champions in this game that benefit from extra hp and healing. It’s really just a better version of the life set.

Best Champions For The Immortal Set In Raid Shadow Legends

The best champions to use with the immortal set are any champions that need to survive or have scaling hp damage. Champions with a good base hp that are designed around surviving are going to be great choices for this set.

Champions with a lot of speed are also a great choice for this set. They can take a lot of turns and keep getting % heals every turn. In order to really take advantage of this set’s bonuses, you are going to want long drawn-out fights where the % heals you are getting every turn start to add up.

Worst Champions For The Immortal Set

Champions with a really low base hp and low speed are going to be the worst champions for the immortal set. Champions like this won’t be able to take advantage of the +15% hp bonus due to their low base hp and with low speed, they won’t be able to take advantage of the heals every turn.

You also don’t want to put the immortal set on any team composition where the fights are going to be over quickly. Champions that are bursty or instantly clear waves are not ideal.


The immortal artifact set is a very good two-piece set in Raid Shadow Legends. It’s fairly hard to get due to it only being obtainable through clan boss, but it’s absolutely worth going after.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of the immortal artifact set and how to get it, as well as what champions are best for this set. If you have any questions or want more info on anything mentioned above feel free to leave a comment below!

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