Raid Shadow Legends Lifesteal Set Guide

If you are looking for information on the Raid Shadow Legends lifesteal set you have come to the right place. We will be breaking down exactly what this set is, what it does, and how to get it. As well as, looking at which champions you should put this set on.

What Is The Lifesteal Set In Raid Shadow Legends?

Lifesteal Set Raid Shadow Legends

The lifesteal set in Raid Shadow Legends is a 4 piece artifact set that heals the wearer by 30% of the damage they deal. The lifsteal you get from this set is not affected by poison debuffs or skills that deal max HP damage. If the champion wearing this set already has an ability that heals off damage dealt they will get healing from both the set bonus and the ability.

Other than the few exceptions listed above the lifesteal set works as you might think. The more damage you deal the more healing you get. AOE skills and skills that hit multiple opponents all work with this set.

Does The Lifesteal Set Stack In Raid Shadow Legends?

The lifesteal set in Raid Shadow Legends does not stack because it is a 4 piece set. It’s not possible to have 8 lifesteal artifacts equipped. This is one of the downsides to sets that need 4 pieces to get the set bonus.

However, you can increase the healing you get by using masteries like Rejuvenation which increases the amount of healing your champion receives by 5%. Masteries like this stack with the lifesteal set, increasing the overall healing of your champion.

How To Get The Lifesteal Set In Raid Shadow Legends

The lifesteal set in Raid Shadow Legends can be obtained through the campaign, the Dragons Lair dungeon, as well as the marketplace. Lifesteal artifacts drop from the campaign in Valdemar Strait also known as campaign 8.

If you are in the early to mid-game the best place to farm the lifesteal set is going to be the campaign on the hardest difficulty you can, preferably brutal. Once you are closer to late game you can start farming some of the higher quality lifesteal artifacts from the Dragons Lair.

You should switch from farming the campaign to farming the Dragon when you are able to consistently beat stage 16 of the Dragons Lair. The 4-star epics you get from this stage are on average going to be better than 5 star white artifacts from the campaign. When you are able to beat the higher stages you should then farm those as stage 20 of the Dragons Lair is the best stage to farm.

Is The Lifesteal Set Good In Raid Shadow Legends?

The lifesteal set in Raid Shadow Legends is considered to be a good set. The set is great for campaign farmers and clan boss teams without healing. Lifesteal gear, however, is only going to be as good as the damage you can deal. Without a high enough damage output, you won’t heal enough for the set bonus to matter.

Compared to some of the best late-game sets like the Savage set it falls a little short, but it’s still a solid set for a majority of the game. It’s also important to mention that there is a straight-up better version of this set called the Bloodthirst set that gives healing as well as crit rate. This also contributes to lifesteal gear falling off in the later portions of the game.

Best Champions For The Lifesteal Set In Raid Shadow Legends

The lifesteal set is great on a lot of different champions, This set is mainly used in the early game on your campaign farmer or starter champion to help them solo content when you are leveling up fodder. Use this set on any champions that want extra self-sustain in fights.

Champions that get increased damage when they lose HP are also great candidates to put lifesteal gear on. The damage increase they get when low HP allows them to heal for massive amounts.

Athel, Kael, Elhain, Stag Knight, and Galek are all great examples of champions that use the lifesteal set well.


Overall, the lifesteal set is a great set to use if you are looking to keep a champion alive without a healer in your team. It’s a powerful set that can be farmed in the early game through the campaign which makes it a great choice for new Raid Shadow Legends players.

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