Raid Shadow Legends Savage Set Guide

The Raid Shadow Legends savage set is one of the many artifact sets in the game, but what does it do and how good is it. We will be exploring everything you need to know about this artifact set in this post. Without further ado, let’s get started.

What Is The Savage Set In Raid Shadow Legends?

The savage set in Raid Shadow Legends is a 4 piece artifact set that allows the wearer to ignore 25% of the enemy’s defense when attacking. This set allows the user to cut through a significant amount of damage mitigation from the opposing champion or boss.

The set bonus also stacks with other ignore defense abilities allowing you to cut through even more defense.

Does The Savage Set Stack In Raid Shadow Legends?

No, the savage set in Raid Shadow legends does not stack. This set requires 4 artifact pieces to get the set bonus so there are not enough artifact slots to get a 2nd bonus.

If you would like to increase the amount of defense your champion ignores you can use the savage set with the cruel set to ignore a total of 30% defense of your opponent. These two set bonuses do stack.

To get the maximum amount of defense ignored you can use the decrease defense debuff. This debuff decreases the enemy’s defense by either 60% or 30% depending on the version used. Combined with the savage set you can take down even the tankiest of opponents.

Where To Get The Savage Set In Raid Shadow Legends

The savage set is obtained through clearing stages of the Fire Knights Castle. After beating a stage of Fire Knights Castle you have a chance to obtain a savage artifact as well as a number of other artifact sets such as the regeneration set. You can also get this set from purchasing offer packs in the Raid Shadow Legends shop.

We wouldn’t recommend buying artifact offer packs from the shop though. They are one of the worst bang for your buck packs in the entire shop and there is a high chance you don’t get one usable piece. There are much better options to spend money on in Raid Shadow Legends.

Is The Savage Set Good In Raid Shadow Legends?

Yes, the savage set is really good in Raid Shadow Legends. Most damage dealers would love to have this set equipped. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find 4 artifact pieces with good enough stats to make it work. This is why a lot of people don’t use this set regularly.

While the savage set is good it may not be worth farming till the very end game due to how unlikely it is to get enough pieces with good stats. This is the main problem with sets that require 4 pieces and why they end up not being used. Getting two artifacts with good stats is much more likely to happen. It’s why you will often see the cruel set used over the savage set.

Best Champions For The Savage Set In Raid Shadow Legends

The savage set is great for AOE Arena damage dealers, champions with 50% or 75% ignore defense abilities, as well as single-target damage dealers, Champions like Skullcrown, Big’un, Mountain King, and Coldheart are all great champions to use this set on.

Pretty much any damage dealer is going to want this set ideally. So, if you are able to get some good artifacts from this set you should put them on your best damage dealer.


There you have it that is everything you need to about the savage set in Raid Shadow Legends. Overall, it’s a very good set, but the fact that it requires 4 pieces to get the bonus makes it hard to use. If you end up finding some good artifact pieces you should absolutely use them.

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