Raid Shadow Legends Sparring Pit (Ultimate Guide)

Want to find out more about the Raid Shadow Legends Sparring Pit?

In this blog post, we will discuss what the Sparring Pit is, how to use it, whether or not it is worth upgrading, and more. Let’s get started!

What Is The Sparring Pit In Raid Shadow Legends?

Raid Shadow Legends Sparring PIt

The Sparring Pit in Raid Shadow Legends is located inside the Guardian Ring and allows you to give your champions XP passively. When you put champions in the Sparring Pit, they are given a set amount of XP per hour depending on that champion’s star level. The higher the star level, the more XP.

Here is a table showing how much XP each star rank gets in a level 1 Sparring Pit slot:

Star RankXP/HR

It’s also important to note that the rarity of the champion does not matter. For example, a 6 star common will get the same XP as a 6 star legendary—only the star rank of the champion matters in the Sparring Pit.

The Sparring Pit has five slots in total, but each slot needs to be unlocked with 300 gems. Each slot then has three levels. When you first open a slot, it will be level 1/3, and upon spending 350 gems, you can upgrade the slot to level 2 and so on. Each level you get adds an additional 1000 XP per hour to the slot.

So the maximum XP you can get per hour is 3500 for a 6-star hero in a level 3 slot.

Is the Sparring Pit Worth Unlocking In Raid Shadow Legends?

Yes, the Sparring Pit is worth unlocking. You should always get at least the first slot of the Sparring Pit unlocked. After that, it can be left at level 1 if you don’t want to upgrade it further.

If you are using the Sparring Pit and remember to level up your champions and switch out champions when they hit max level, it can be a great way to earn XP without using energy.

How To Use The Sparring Pit In Raid Shadow Legends

To use the Sparring Pit in Raid Shadow Legends, follow these steps:

  • Head to your bastion and click the Guardian Ring located on the right side of the screen.
  • Once you are in the guardian ring click the Sparring Pit tab on the left side of the screen if you are not already there.
  • Then click the select champion button
  • Once clicked another menu will pop up showing all of your champions available for the Sparring Pit. Click your desired champion and click confirm.

Once you click confirm, you will see the champion you selected has been placed into the slot you chose, and there will be a timer letting you know when they will level up next.

The one downside to the Sparring Pit is you have to manually click level up every time to level up the champion.

The best way to use the Sparring Pit is by putting level 25+ fodder or food champions into the pit to help finish off some of those last levels. You constantly have to level up food champions in Raid Shadow Legends to upgrade your main champions, and the pit can be a great way to do this without spending valuable energy.

Is The Sparring Pit Worth Upgrading In Raid Shadow Legends?

Whether or not the Sparring Pit is worth upgrading in Raid Shadow Legends is highly debated in the community. There are a lot of different factors to consider, and it all comes down to how long you plan to play the game. Gems are a highly valuable and limited resource in the game, and the cost of upgrading the Sparring Pit to 5 slots all level 3 is 5000 gems which is quite a lot.

What you have to consider is what else could you spend those gems on? Some of the most popular options to spend gems on are energy refills and the gem mine. So the best way to decide what to do is to look at how much XP you could get if you just used your gems for energy refills to farm the campaign and how much XP you get from the Sparring Pit.

In this table, you can see the value in XP that could be obtained if you just spent the gems on energy refills instead of the pit.

Sparring Pit UpgradeGem Conversion To Energy RefillsXP Value Of Refills
Extra Slot7.5 Refills~1.779 Million XP
Slot Upgrade8.75 Refills~2.076 Million XP

The following table shows how long it would take the Sparring Pit to get that same amount of XP.

Sparring Pit UpgradeXP RateXP Value Of RefillsTime To Match Refill Value
Extra Slot2200-2500 XP/HR* ~1.779 Million XP 711-808 Hours (29-33 Days)
Slot Upgrade1000 XP/HR ~2.076 Million XP 2076 Hours (86.5 Days)
*This number assumes you put champions that are three stars or higher and click level up exactly when it’s available.

As you can see, it would take quite a while to break even with the Sparring Pit, and that is assuming you are playing 24 hours a day and are manually clicking level up every time a champion is ready and switching out max level champions constantly.

Whether or not it is worth upgrading really does come down to how long you plan to play the game because eventually, you will get more value from the Sparring Pit than from energy refills or anything else you could use gems for.

Automatic Sparring Pit

The idea of having an automatic Sparring Pit that would automatically level up your champions when they are ready and switch out champions for you has crossed almost every Raid Shadow Legends player’s mind. Still, unfortunately, it’s just not possible.

The pit is designed to keep you playing the game and keep you logging back into the game. Unfortunately, as lovely as it would be to have this feature, it’s not one coming any time soon, and if it does, it will be through some third-party application. It does sound plausible to accomplish with some Bluestacks macro or auto clicker, though, but who knows how Plarium would treat that sort of behavior.


So there you have it, that is everything you need to know about the Raid Shadow Legends Sparring Pit. Hopefully, you now have a much better idea of what it is and whether you should upgrade it or not.

Let us know in the comments below if you think upgrading the pit is worth it.

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  1. I have a fully upgraded sparing pit and I find it valuable it’s helpful when I can’t get on to play i use mine as a food farming ring I see it as once it’s upgraded it’s not going anywhere which is going to last forever


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