Raid Shadow Legends Toxic Set Guide

If you are new to Raid Shadow Legends you might be wondering how good the toxic artifact set is and how it works. It’s a common question among new players who are learning the game.

In this post, we will be answering those questions as well as looking at what champions are best with the toxic set.

What Is The Toxic Set In Raid Shadow Legends?

Raid Shadow Legends Toxic Set

The toxic set in Raid Shadow Legends is a 4 piece artifact set that grants the user a 75% chance to apply a 2.5% poison debuff for 2 turns when attacking. The amount of poison damage is based on the target’s max HP.

The poison damage is applied at the start of the enemy’s turn and if the enemy has a shield it will affect the shield first. Another important thing to note is that there are two different versions of the poison debuff. A 2.5% poison debuff and 5% poison debuff. Unfortunately, the toxic set has the much weaker version of the debuff.

Does The Toxic Set Stack In Raid Shadow Legends?

No, the toxic set does not stack due to it being a 4 piece artifact set. There are not enough artifact slots in Raid Shadow Legends to stack these types of sets. Only 2 piece sets can stack.

You can, however, stack multiple poison debuffs on one enemy. The max amount of debuffs an enemy can have is 10 so in theory, you could have 10 poison debuffs on one enemy.

How To Get The Toxic Set In Raid Shadow Legends

You can get toxic artifacts from the Dragons Lair dungeon. After completing a stage of Dragons Lair you will have a chance to obtain toxic artifact gear as well as a wide variety of other sets. Due to there being so many sets that can drop it makes it very hard to get the specific set you want.

If you want to farm Dragons Lair for the toxic set you should also be in need of some of the other sets that drop from the dungeon. Whether that other set is speed or lifestyle, you don’t want to farm a dungeon only looking for one type of set. That is a surefire way to be disappointed with the drops you get from a dungeon.

Is The Toxic Set Good In Raid Shadow Legends?

The toxic set in Raid Shadow Legends is good, but not great. It can be good towards the early to mid-game for bosses with high HP like the clan boss but slowly gets worse towards the end game where other sets become much more effective.

Another problem with this artifact set is that it requires 4 pieces to get the set bonus. So, it becomes much harder to find enough good pieces to justify going for the set bonus. The toxic set is mainly used for normal Clan Boss by early game players without a reliable poison debuff champion.

Best Champions For The Toxic Set In Raid Shadow Legends

The toxic set is best used on champions that already have poison debuffs to increase their effectiveness. Champions like Bad-el-Kazar or Kael can use this set effectively even if there may be better sets for them overall.

There really are not too many champions that are good with the toxic set in particular. It’s definitely a bit of a niche set that falls off fast once you are past the early game. If you are struggling with the normal clan boss you can try equipping some members of your clan boss team with this set, but only if the stats are good enough.


The toxic set in Raid Shadow Legends is one of the many artifact sets in the game and allows the wearer a chance to apply a poison debuff when attacking. This poison debuff can stack up to 10 times on one enemy. It’s a good set to use for the Clan Boss in the early game but loses its effectiveness when you acquire champions that can apply the stronger 5% version of the debuff.

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