Rocket League Ball Cam Guide

The high-powered hybrid game of soccer with rocket-powered cars, Rocket League, is amazing. Two teams cause vehicular mayhem to hit a ball into the opponents’ goal.

The combination of fast cars and soccer may seem odd, but Rocket League, released in 2015, is a popular game. One of the most useful features of the game is the Rocket League ball cam. We will tell you more about this.

What Is The Ball Cam?

You should start using the Ball Cam as soon as you begin playing Rocket League.

What is the purpose of the ball cam?

Very simply, the camera focuses itself on the ball and follows it continuously automatically. It does not matter if you drive in a straight line; the camera keeps tracking the ball.

We are sure that you realize how easy it makes playing the game. More so if you are playing a super-fast, dynamic, highly competitive match. You will find it difficult to spare even a second from the game frenzy and try to locate the ball.

You will find that you will be able to perform precise shots and score more goals with the ball cam. It is also helpful when you need to hit the ball above your car or the goalkeeper and defend perfectly.

Rocket League Ball Cam

Should You Use The Ball Cam?

Yes! The Ball Cam is a handy feature of Rocket League, and you must turn and keep it on the entire time.

From the time you start playing, keep the ball cam on to learn all the basic moves, get better at the game, and improve your skills. Once you gain experience by playing enough matches, you may switch off the ball cam.

However, you need to consider this carefully. Start turning off the ball cam for short durations initially before you do this for longer periods. Turning off the ball cam can give you more freedom and control over your game and the match.

Switching it off for the entire time of the match play is not advisable. You will need to become a great driver, understand the ball movement, and keep looking around constantly and notice the markings if you turn it off.

Do Pros Use Ball Cam In Rocket League?

Yes, Pros use ball cam in Rocket League, but they may use it in different ways.

What works for pros may not work for you. Pros have enough experience to know which settings on the ball cam work the best.

You should not copy these settings because they may not increase your win rate. It takes time to get used to the settings, and every time you change them, you will again need time.

Many pro players use the ball cam for dribbling, getting a boost, and avoiding collisions. Many pros even turn the ball cam off before taking a shot. You can also try this to get a better idea about your position on the ball.

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When To Use The Ball Cam In Rocket League?

We feel it is best to use the ball cam most of the time unless you need to check your location on the pitch relative to the ball or you are lining up to get a Boost pickup.

Many players use the ball cam when they jump or boost off the wall because it is easier to hit the ball.

Some experienced players use the ball cam when the ball is not in their possession. What it means for you is that you use it mainly on defense. This way, you will not have to work hard to keep the camera focused on the ball.

When To Turn Off The Ball Cam In Rocket League?

We think that as you get better at Rocket League gameplay and can dribble well, you can turn off the ball cam.

Many players turn off the ball cam while doing kick-offs. You can turn it off if your partner has the ball and you are going for the boost. Just tap on and off to see where the ball is and keep an eye on the arrow at all times.

Most players only turn off the ball cam when the ball is right in front of them, and they know for sure that it will not be stolen.

Many pros turn off the ball cam at the last second of the shot, but we will not tell if it is really helpful. It could just be a matter of habit.

Turning off the ball cam can be helpful when the ball is hit very high. By turning it off, you can see the ball cursor and not get disoriented. You will soon be able to switch the ball cam on and off without thinking much about it.

How To Turn On The Ball Cam In Rocket League?

Success in Rocket League does not solely depend on your gameplay skills. The ball cam also plays an important part. The game comes with certain default settings, and it is best to customize them according to your skill level.

Changing the ball cam setting is necessary because as you play and gain more experience, you will find the default settings holding you back.

Psyonix, the company behind this superb game, gives you the option to customize the camera settings.

To turn on or toggle the ball cam, you need to press the bell camera mode button, generally Y, or the top button on the right side of the controller.

Ball Cam Settings

How Do You Get Used To The Ball Cam In Rocket League?

It is not at all difficult to use the ball cam in Rocket League. Most new players adapt to the ball cam in no time at all. Using a ball cam can improve the skills and scoring ability of the player.

You will have no problem with the ball cam once you start using it. We have seen many players, even pros, who play with the ball cam on all the time.

If you want to get better as a player, you need to use the ball cam and get used to it.


Unlike many other video games, Rocket League is based on a real sport and has its charm. It may seem weird at first to see how soccer and cars come together, but soon you will be addicted to the game like millions of other players.

The Rocket League ball cam is not just a feature, it can take your game to higher levels and make the game more enjoyable.

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