Raid Shadow Legends Arena Defense Team Guide

Building a Raid Shadow Legends arena defense team is not an easy task. If you are interested in finding out how to build one you have come to the right place. In this article, we will be walking you through everything you need to know about this topic. Let’s get started.

What Is An Arena Defense Team In Raid Shadow Legends?

Raid Shadow Legends Arena Defense Team

Every time you fight an opponent in Arena you are fighting someones else’s Arena Defense team. This team is not controlled by the other player instead the enemy team’s champions are being controlled by AI.

An Arena defense team in Raid Shadow Legends is a team of 4 champions chosen by you that other players in your arena skill rank will fight. Your arena defense team will fight all on their own without any control from you. Depending on if your defense team wins or loses you will go up or down rank slowly.

Should You Care About Your Arena Defense Team?

Your Arena Defense team, while not as important as your offensive team, is important and you should care about how well it’s doing. In general, you want to stay at the highest tier in the arena you can for the bonus stats and medals it gives you. If your defense team has a terrible win percentage you will lose your rank over time.

You don’t need to have a great win percentage though and no one’s defense team does. You just need to have a decent one that wins every once in a while.

However, you can also use the defensive team as a tool to manipulate your rankings to go down to face easier opponents. This is a common strategy when you can’t break through to the next arena tier that gives the extra stats and medals.

So, instead of fighting much harder opponents in gold 1 you switch your defense team to only one champion and let your rank drop to gold 4 where you can farm medals against much easier opponents.

We wouldn’t recommend this strategy though because it does have some downsides. For example, at the end of the season when the arena resets you will be put into the previous tier, silver in this case if you we’re in gold 4. If you were Gold 1 though you would stay in the gold tier at the beginning of the next season.

Overall, the best strategy is to stay at the highest rank you can in Arena by building a good defense team.

How To Build An Arena Defense Team In Raid Shadow Legends

Now that you know what an arena defense team is and why you should care about it, how do you actually build one in Raid Shadow Legends? Well, there are a couple of different strategies you can use to build a good arena defense team.

One of the main strategies is to try and outspeed your opponent and always get the first turn. However, this isn’t a great strategy for a newer player and it isn’t a very reliable strategy in general. It’s really hard to get good speed gear and always be faster than your opponent. If you have amazing speed gear though this is a viable strategy.

For most people though you will have to build an arena defense team based around going second. When you know you are going second you can sacrifice some speed and increase other stats like HP or defense. A good strategy is to build a high HP tanky team with multiple revivers. The reason you want to build high HP over defense is that almost every arena team is going to bring a champion that can decrease defense. You are still going to want defense, but you want to prioritize HP for this reason.

First, start with a high base HP champion like Vogoth and put them in a shield set. Then get a champion that increases the HP of the entire team when they are the lead like Sir Nicholas. The last two champions in your team should be revivers like Duchess Luliti, ideally, in a swift parry set to get the unkillable buff. Your revivers should also be built tanky with high HP.

This arena defense team is built around going second and being extremely annoying. The best defense teams in arena are built around being terrible to play against. You want people to see your team on the list and not even want to try. When you are building your defense team you want to keep this in mind. What would you hate to play against? The goal is to have as few people fighting your defensive team as possible.

This is obviously only one strategy for going second, but you can take the idea and apply it to whatever champions and artifacts you currently have. A team that succeeds on the offensive is going to be much different than a team that succeeds on defense. If you want to build a successful defense team you will have to build specific champions and artifacts sets for that purpose.


All in all, if you follow the strategy laid out above for arena defensive teams in Raid Shadow Legends you will find success. You don’t just want to use your arena offense on defense you want to have a team specifically designed for defense.

For new players, however, this can be hard as you probably will not have many champions built yet, and building champions for arena defense should not be very high on your priority list. So, if you are new to Raid Shadow Legends just do your best when building out your defense team. When you are in the mid to late game you can start focusing on building champions for defense.

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