Raid Shadow Legends Destroy Set Guide

The Raid Shadow Legends Destroy set is just one of the countless artifact sets that can be acquired in the game. It’s a completely unique set bonus and you won’t see anything even remotely similar on any other artifact sets.

In this post, we will be going over everything you need to know about the destroy set including what it is, how it works, and if it stacks. Let’s get right into the important information.

What Is The Destroy Set And How Does It Work In Raid Shadow Legends?

Destroy Set Raid Shadow Legends

The destroy set in Raid Shadow Legends is a 4 piece artifact set that gives the wearer a chance to decrease the opponent’s max HP by 40% of the damage dealt. The amount of damage per attack is capped at 8%. This set bonus also only applies per skill instead of per hit which means skills that hit multiple times will not be as effective.

The max HP of the opponent over the course of the entire battle can not go below 40%. So, if you did enough damage to decrease the opponent’s max HP by 8% with each attack, it would take 5 attacks to reach the 40% cap.

Does The Destroy Set Stack?

The destroy set does not stack in Raid Shadow Legends. The idea behind them stacking is you could put this set on multiple champions on your team and actually go past the 40% cap. Unfroutently, this is not the case and the only effect you get from stacking this set is getting to that cap faster in fewer turns.

So, it does have some effectiveness when stacked, but not the ideal one where you could reduce the opponent’s max HP to almost zero. However, the destroy set bonus does stack with other champion skills that reduce max HP like Ripper.

Does The Destroy Set Work On Clan Boss?

The destroy set does work on Clan Boss, but it’s just not as good as you might think. Other sets like lifesteal and toxic are going to be much better for the Clan Boss. You can use it if you already have the pieces, but you shouldn’t be trying to get destroy artifacts to use them on the Clan Boss specifically.

How To Get The Destroy Set

The destroy set can be obtained from the Deadlands also known as campaign 9 and the Dragon’s Lair Dungeon. These are going to be the only places to farm this set. If you want to farm the best pieces you are going to need to farm the high stages of Dragon’s Lair. Farming the Deadlands, even on brutal difficulty, will not give you the same high-quality destroy artifacts that high stages of Dragon’s Lair will.

If you are a new player to the game you won’t be able to farm Dragon’s Lair and you shouldn’t farm the Deadlands. The destroy set has very limited uses and none of them apply to the early game of Raid Shadow Legends. There are much better artifact sets that you should be farming instead like lifesteal or speed.

Is The Destroy Set Worth Using?

The destroy set is unfortunately not worth using in its current state. The cap on the set bonus takes away a lot of the potential. The other artifacts sets available are usually a better choice most of the time. However, there are two potential use cases for this set: the Ice Golem and the Scarab King.

You can use the destroy set on the Ice Golem dungeon to reduce the health of the two minions that respawn in the boss fight making them easier to keep killing. The set can also be useful when fighting the Scarab King boss in the Doom Tower. The set bonus can be used to remove his damage reduction. It’s a fairly hard boss that feels like it almost requires the destroy set to be beaten.

Other than these two use cases there is not a lot of places to use this set effectively. It’s not a terrible artifact set, but its also not a good one.

Best Champions For The Destroy Set

The destroy set has a very unique set bonus that doesn’t really syngerize with any champions in particular. It’s more about who you are up against than who to put this set on. There’s really no champion where this set is best in slot. If you are using this set you are probably just putting it on a supportive champion and letting them stack the bonus.

The best champions to use the destroy set on would be champions that have a high base speed or already have a max HP reducing skill.


So, there you have it that is all the info you need to have on the destroy set. It’s a mediocre set that isn’t terrible but it’s not very good either. The cap the set bonus has on max HP really limits its potential. If you have good artifact pieces for this set already you should use them when fighting the Ice Golem and The Scarab King.

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