Raid Shadow Legends Shield Set Guide

If you are new to Raid Shadow Legends and played a couple of games of arena you may have seen a massive shield on the entire enemy team at the start of the battle. That is the Raid Shadow Legends shield set in action.

If you are interested in how to get this set for yourself, how it functions, and who to use it on you have come to the right place. In this article, we will be going over all those things in depth. Let’s get into it.

What Is The Shield Set In Raid Shadow Legends?

Raid Shadow Legends Shield Set

The shield set in Raid Shadow Legends is a 4 piece artifact set that gives a shield buff to all allies for 3 turns equal to 30% of wearers max HP. The higher the max HP of the champion wearing the set is, the higher the shields the rest of the team will get. There is no cap on the shield buff, so the more max HP the better.

Since the shield set bonus is a buff it can be removed by champions that remove buffs. Abilities that ignore shields will also work against this set’s bonus. One last important mechanic to note about this set is that defense improves the effectiveness of shields. A shield on a champion with high defense will be harder to break than a champion with no defense.

Do Shield Sets Stack In Raid Shadow Legends?

Shields Sets in Raid Shadow Legends do stack if you have them on multiple champions on your team. When multiple champions are using the shield set on the same team the shield buff will stack. So, if you have two champions wearing the shield set with 5,000 HP each, the whole team will get shields equal to 3,000 HP (1,500 +1,500).

This shield buff from this set will not stack with other champions’ abilities that give shield buffs. Instead, it will be shown as an additional buff on the champion.

How To Get The Shield Set In Raid Shadow Legends

The main way to get the shield set in Raid Shadow Legends is through the Fire Knight’s Castle dungeon. This set can also be obtained through special offer packs in the shops if you are willing to spend the money. However, for most people farming Fire Knight’s Castle will be the main source of their shield artifacts.

So, if you want good shield gear you will have to grind this dungeon. The best stage to farm the shield set is going to be stage 20 of Fire Knights. It is the most energy-efficient stage and it provides the highest quality gear.

Is The Shield Set Good In Raid Shadow Legends?

The shield set in Raid Shadow Legends is considered strong in the Arena and viable in PVE content. If used on a high HP champion you can give your low hp damage dealers an extra level of safety. This is extremely valuable in the arena as it makes it hard for the opposing team to one-shot your most valuable champions.

The shield set can also be strong in PVE content like campaign and dungeons, but not nearly as much as in arena. Overall, it’s a good set that can be used in pretty much every area of the game.

Best Champions For The Shield Set In Raid Shadow Legends

The best champions for the shield set in Raid Shadow Legends are high HP tank and support champions. Typically these will be champions that have a high base HP and scale off HP . These types of champions can take advantage of the set bonus and provide your allies with the biggest shield possible.

Champions like Harvest Jack, Underpriest Brogni, Krisk The Ageless, and the Mountain King are all prime examples of champions that use the shield set well. Mountain King is one of the most popular choices for this artifact set due to him having the highest base HP in the game.


So, there you have it that is all the information you need to know about the shield set in Raid Shadow Legends to use it effectively. It’s a very useful set to have in both arena and dungeons if you have some high base HP champions built out.

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