Raid Shadow Legends Mercy System: What It Is And How To Track It

Most gacha games like Raid Shadow Legends feature a pity system that allows players a chance to get a guaranteed legendary character after a series of unlucky summons or pulls.

Raid Shadow Legends is no different and features the Mercy System. In this post, we will walk you through what the mercy system is, how it works, and how to track it.

What Is The Mercy System In Raid Shadow Legends?

The mercy system in Raid Shadow legends is a pity system that activates after you summon a certain of shards without getting an epic or legendary champion. Once the Mercy System is activated, your odds of summoning an epic or legendary champion increases with every shard you summon.

To give you an example, if you summoned 20 void shards without getting an epic champion, your odds of getting an epic champion from void shards would increase by 2% with every subsequent pull until you got an epic champion. Once you get an epic champion, the mercy system resets, and you go back to the standard summoning chances.

How Does The Mercy System Work?

The mercy system is a little bit complicated and has some unique characteristics. Here are the most important things to know about the system.

  • Each shard type (Ancient, Void, Sacred) has its own individual counter. So even if you summoned a rare champion from ancient shard, it wouldn’t affect your mercy counter for void shards.
  • Once you summon a legendary or epic champion, your mercy counter will reset back to the default summoning chances for that specific rarity.
  • The mercy counter for both legendary and epic champions are tracked individually for Ancient and Void Shards. This means that if you pull a legendary champion, it won’t reset your mercy counter for epic champions. There is only one mercy counter for sacred shards because you can only get legendaries from them.

Mercy System Summoning Chances

The table below shows when the mercy system activates and how the odds increase with each summon for all shard types.

Shard TypeRarityMercy System ActivationChance Increase (Per Shard)
Ancient, VoidEpicAfter 20 Summons Without Epic+2%
Ancient, VoidLegendaryAfter 200 Summons Without Legendary+5%
SacredLegendaryAfter 12 Summons Without Legendary+2%

How Do I Track My Mercy Counter?

Currently, in Raid Shadow Legends, there is no way to track your mercy counter in-game. Thankfully though, members in the community have created a resource to track your mercy or pity called the Raid Toolkit.

You can see the original Reddit post here where the creator explains what this tool is, and you can download the Raid Toolkit here. The tool is entirely free and acts as a companion application for Raid Shadow Legends.

The Raid Toolkit features an automated mercy counter for ancient, void, and sacred shards. In the Shards tab of the application, you can see the number of pulls, your current chances for a legendary/rare, and your most recent pull for all shard types.

Raid Shadow Legends Mercy System

Before this tool was released, you would have to manually track your pity in a spreadsheet or a sticky note, so this tool has been a gamechanger.


So there you go, that is how the Raid Shadow Legends Mercy System works. It works a little differently than most pity systems you see in similar games, but it has the same goal: balancing out pulling luck.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the mercy counter and what should be changed about it if anything.

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