Raid Shadow Legends Regeneration Set Guide

There are a lot of artifact sets in Raid Shadow Legends, but which ones are good and what champions are they good on? It can be tough to figure out exactly how each set works and where to get them.

In this post, we will be going over everything you need to about the Raid Shadow Legends regeneration set. This includes what it is, how to get it, if it stacks, and if it’s any good. Let’s get started.

What Is The Regeneration Set In Raid Shadow Legends?

The regeneration set is a 4 piece artifact set that heals the champion by 15% of their max HP every turn. The heal you get every turn is based on the champions max HP which includes all great hall bonuses, masteries, artifact bonuses, and any other source that boosts max HP.

Does The Regeneration Set Stack In Raid Shadow Legends?

No, The Regeneration set does not stack in Raid Shadow Legends because it is a 4 piece artifact set. Artifact sets that are 4 pieces can not stack because there are not enough available artifact slots. So, the maximum amount of healing you can get from this set is 15%.

The regen set does stack with the immortal set, however, which means you can get a total of 18% healing every turn with both sets equipped. The viability of using both sets at once however is a whole other question. It can be fun to play around with though.

How To Get The Regeneration Set In Raid Shadow Legends

The regeneration set can be obtained through the Fire Knights Castle dungeon. This is the only way to acquire the set currently.

This is a niche set so if you are new to Raid you shouldn’t worry too much about getting it. Fire Knight Castle can be a challenge to farm at high stages for new players and shouldn’t really be a focus till the mid and late game. There are much better artifact sets that are easier to farm.

Is The Regeneration Set Good In Raid Shadow Legends?

The regeneration set is not considered a top-tier artifact set, but it’s not completely useless either. Some champions do prefer this set and for some champs, it’s their best set.

Whether or not you are able to make use of this set is going to come down to your champion roster. Some players will just not have the right characters to take advantage of the passive healing every turn.

Best Champions For The Regeneration Set In Raid Shadow Legends

The regeneration set is best used on champions who are very difficult to take down but still have enough utility or damage to be a threat. The passive heal every turn will get the most benefit if used with champions with high HP and defense.

Champions like Tomb Lord and Dark Kael are great examples of champions who use this set well. The type of champions you want the regen set on are damage dealers that debuff and support champions.


There you go, that is everything you need to about the Regeneration artifact set in Raid Shadow Legends. It’s an average to slightly above average set that has some niche uses on particular champions. If you are looking to farm this set you will need to run Fire Knights Castle.

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