How To Get Warmaiden In Raid Shadow Legends

If you are trying to figure out how to get Warmaiden in Raid Shadow legends or where to farm her you have come to the right place. In this post, we will be showing you how, where, and why you should get Warmadien. We will also be looking at her drop rate and the best stages to farm her. Let’s get into it.

How To Get Warmaiden In Raid Shadow Legends

How To Get Warmaiden In Raid Raid Shadow Legends

Warmaiden is a Rare champion from the Barbarians factions with a magic affinity in Raid Shadow Legends. Warmaiden can be obtained from both mystery shards and ancient shards as well as the campaign.

These are the only ways to obtain Warmaiden currently and a part of what makes her special is being able to obtain her without using summoning shards. You can obviously still get her through pulling shards, but being able to obtain Warmadien through playing the campaign means even new players can get her.

This makes Warmaiden a very popular choice among new Raid Shadow Legends players. Most players should try to get at least one copy of her.

Is Warmaiden Farmable?

Yes, Warmaiden is farmable and can be farmed from the Deadlands in campaign stage 9. The best stages to farm Warmaiden are 9-3 and 9-7. Make sure to bring fodder or food champs while farming to not waste energy.

If you are a new player you should start farming for Warmadien as soon as you reach this stage of the campaign. If you are using your starter champion this will not take you long at all. Keep farming the stage until you get Warmadien and a couple of copies of her so you can book her.

Make sure to be efficient with your energy and level up your fodder while you are farming. If you are not insanely lucky, it will most likely take thousands of energy to get Warmaiden and all of the duplicates you need to book her. So. you really don’t want to use that much energy being inefficient.

Warmaiden Drop Rate

Unfortunately, no one knows the exact drop rate for Warmaiden in campaign stages, but what we do know is it’s very low. Players have gone 50 or more runs without getting a single Warmaiden drop. So, it’s safe to assume the drop rate of Warmaiden is extremely low around 1% or lower.

Even though the drop rate is low it’s still better than trying to get the champion through summoning shards alone.

Is Warmaiden Worth Farming For?

Yes, Warmadien is worth farming for In Raid Shadow Legends for a couple of reasons. The main reason is the utility here a3 brings. She is a great addition to almost any arena, dungeon, or even clan boss team.

The AOE defense down she brings on her a3 is insanely valuable for new players. If you already have a champion that can bring this utility then she is not as appealing, but not many new players will.

The other reason Warmaiden is worth getting is you can book her abilities far easier than any champion you have to pull using shards. This is due to being able to farm copies or duplicates of her through campaign stages.


So there you have that is everything you need to know about obtaining Warmaiden in Raid Shadow Legends. Unlike, most champions in this game you can actually farm for Warmadien which makes her a popular choice for new players. Here extremely strong AOE debuff makes her worth the energy to farm for.

If you have any questions or if there is something we missed please let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I have a question: do your chances of getting warmaiden increase based on difficulty? Would I have a higher chance of getting warmaiden when farming on brutal, or would I just be wasting energy?


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