Raid Shadow Legends Curing Set Guide

The curing set is one of the many artifact sets that can be found in Raid Shadow Legends, but what does it do exactly and who is it good on? In this post, we aim to answer those questions and give you everything you need to know to use this set effectively.

What Is The Curing Set In Raid Shadow Legends?

Raid Shadow Legends Curing Set

The curing artifact set in Raid Shadow Legends is a 4 piece set that increases the healing done by the champion wearing it by 20%. The bonus healing only applies to healing the champion casts. This means it does not work with the lifesteal set, healing masteries, or any other similar healing effects.

The curing set works by adding a flat 20% bonus to whatever heal is cast after the value is finalized. So, for example, a 5,000 HP heal will turn into a 6,000 HP heal with the curing bonus. To put it simply the heal is multiplicative and not additive.

One last important thing to note about how the curing set works is healing bonuses, like the one from this set, do not work on continuous heals. Unfortunately, this is just another downside to using this set.

How To Get The Curing Set In Raid Shadow Legends

You can get the curing set in Raid Shadow Legends from Fire Knights Castle, the campaign, and the marketplace. This set can be found in the campaign at Brimstone Path also known as campaign 12.

Brimstone path also happens to be the best place to level up fodder and farm XP so you will end up with quite a lot of curing gear whether you want to or not. When farming it can fill up your inventory quickly and it’s often the first thing you want to sell to clear up your inventory. However, you should keep an eye out for curing artifacts with good stats if you plan on using this set in the future.

Is The Curing Set Good In Raid Shadow Legends?

The curing set in Raid Shadow Legends is considered to be a fairly bad set. Compared to the rest of the sets in the game it just doesn’t add enough value to be viable. There are niche cases where it can be good, but in general, it’s a useless set. For most people, the curing set is an instant sell.

The curing set was even buffed from 10% to 20% and players still don’t think that is enough to justify using it. However, you don’t choose which pieces of gear have good stats so if you end up with some good stats on curing artifacts you can try to make it work on a healing champion.

Best Champions For The Curing Set In Raid Shadow Legends

The best champions for the curing artifact set are champions that cast heals. This sounds pretty obvious, but it really is that simple. Champions like Rector Drath, Vogoth, Doompriest are good options to put this set on.

If you have good curing pieces try them out on your best healing champion and see if the difference is worth it. Due to this set being very unpopular and widely overlooked, even after the buffs, there is not a lot of info on who this set works well on. So, if you have a champion that looks like they could have potential with set make sure to try it out.


As you can see, the curing set is below average artifact set that has very few use cases in Raid Shadow Legends. Even though an extra 20% healing sounds good on paper the way healing bonuses are calculated in this game makes it much less appealing. However, it’s worth testing out if you have the right champion.

If this article helped you or if you have a question about anything we mentioned make sure to leave a comment below letting us know.

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